The Tithe

Grace and Flavour are once again preparing for this years Tithe , where 10% of the fruit and vegetables produced will be distributed amount members of the community who cannot access these things easily.

On Thursday mornings during the gardens most productive period, which can last up to 14 weeks, Grace and Flavour members crop the produce and put it into boxes. (We try to ensure that everyone receives at least five different fruit or vegetables).

The same morning these boxes are picked up by volunteers from The Wheel of Care and delivered to people's homes. Exact dates of the tithe will be given later on in the year but it usually begins some time during July.

To Pee or Not to Pee That is the Question?

Up until recently this may well have been the question that people asked themselves at the garden, perhaps in not such good prose.

Sorry Shakespeare!

The toilet facilities were, let’s say, rustic; two hale bales screened off by pallets and plastic sheeting.

Anything more than a pee was not reasonably feasible. Well now things have changed.

It started, a few months ago, with the strange scene of a shed being carried round the garden “sedan chair” like. There wasn't anyone sitting inside! The shed was successfully located in its new position and work began to install the new facilities.

There is no water supply to the toilet (for planning reasons) so a composting toilet is used. The solids are collected and with special chippings break down and can after 6 months be transferred to the compost heap. The liquid is drained to a soak-away, as ladies’ urine apparently has too many hormones in it. The mens’ urinal liquid is collected in a bottle and then used on the compost heaps.

What about the smell? There is a ventilation fan on the toilet which is driven electrically from a battery charged by a solar panel on the shed roof and this is working successfully.

So now we can all now relieve ourselves in relative comfort… aaahhhhh.

article by... Mark Blowers.

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