The allotments at Grace & Flavour are a discrete project, outside/alongside the walled garden. They are operated by Grace & Flavour on behalf of the East and West Horsley Parish Councils. They are accessible through the main Grace & Flavour entrance on Ripley Lane, next to Dene Place.

After a great deal of effort clearing the land the allotments were released to the plotholders on Saturday 2nd April 2011. The first plant - a gooseberry bush. Since then much effort has been put into the plots by the allotmenteers who have reaped the benefit of their hard work with fresh locally grown produce.

How it works

The allotments are leased direct from Grace and Flavour, and your local Parish Council will channel applications and manage the waiting list.

Priority is given to local residents, and allotments are for growing fruit, vegetables, and/or flowers for personal and family use only. The lease is based on national standard allotment contracts.

What to do

To get your name onto the waiting list for an allotment at Grace & Flavour you should contact your Parish clerk:

West Horsley Parish Clerk e-mail:

East Horsley Parish Clerk e-mail:

You can always volunteer in the community garden while you are waiting - and may decide to stay there (at least you can have a holiday, confident that your veg will be tended and watered by the community team!)
Allotment Holders

11th Feb:

Cherry Tree replacement

Following the felling of the diseased cherry tree the subject of its replacement has been discussed. After consideration of all the suggestions the committee have decided that four crab apple trees will be planted in the central area of the allotments in due course. It was decided that one large tree would eventually become too big and take nutrients out of the areas nearest the allotments, and crab apples would be a different crop and a new type of tree in the garden.


The large mound of surplus vegetation/compost/weeds at the far side of the wall nearest to the Hatchlands Estate has been cleared recently at the request of the NT (our landlords). We do not wish to see this pile reappear and any vegetation for composting will be input into the composting bins after careful sorting by the people looking after it. We must therefore ask that no more compost/weeds from allotments are brought into the main garden for composting – your attention is drawn to the second items in the rules of usage in your annual agreement. Additionally we are trying to reduce the amount of material burnt on the bonfire. The bonfire is currently liable to have to move sites in the garden. Please enquire in the garden as to its current location should anyone have any material needing burning which is not compostable on your own allotment.

Laurel hedge along Ripley Lane

One of the conditions of our planning permission is that this hedge is maintained at a height of 3.5m opposite the houses in Ripley Lane. This is shortly due to be given a trim to tidy it up and ensure that it adheres to the planning requirements. We would ask that no height trimming on the allotment side is undertaken in case this condition is breached – your understanding is appreciated.

The days are getting slightly longer so spring looks to be on the way – hopefully it will be a productive growing season this year. Once the risk of frosts is over I will clean out and refill the dip tanks.